Just Got NIMBL

A new partnership to benefit
athletes and Montclair’s Head
Start program

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$100 Donated to Montclair Head Start
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Parabolic Performance and Rehab announced a new partnership with NIMBL, Inc., the manufacturer of advanced percussion tools designed to activate muscles for achieving peak performance and recovery.

The NIMBL XLR8 provides 6 speeds to address different areas of recovery and performance as well as having a lightweight design and quieter sound.

The ability to offer our clients and patients innovative technology like the NIMBL XLR8 is an exciting step for us toward rehab and performance."

the best part is the ability to donate those proceeds to the Montclair Head Start Program.

Steve Frohlich,
Parabolic’s Founder and CEO

With Parabolic and NIMBL joining forces to offer their athletes a greater advantage in muscle recovery and repair, both organizations will be offering a similar advantage to Montclair’s Head Start Program.

With every device sale, the Montclair Head Start program will receive $100 as a joint donation to provide quality early childhood education for lower income households.

We are honored to partner with Parabolic. Their reputation for delivering world class physical therapy and leadership in supporting local communities is exactly the type of organization we want to be associated with. Teaming up to support Montclair Head Start is the beginning of something very special."

Peter Brand, CEO NIMBL, Inc.

Benefits of Partnership

The top benefits of this new partnership include:

Education and resources for using the percussion tool effectively

Ability to purchase the NIMBL at a reduced rate

$100 donation to Montclair’s Head Start Program

About Parabolic

Parabolic’s primary goal is to bridge the gap between the healing process and sports performance. Their doctorate-level physical therapists and nationally certified sports performance coaches work symbiotically to treat and strengthen each client for maximization of their individual potential.

NIMBL Mission

NIMBL’s mission is to provide the best equipment on the planet along with phenomenal classes that inspire, educate and motivate. The company believes that, although there are many excellent percussion tools on the market, without proper coaching and education most people do not get the full benefits or results.